Reservation Request Form

This Reservation Request Form is only for PMF users that have already undergone training through PMF for the Synapt G2-Si and/or Xevo G2-XS. If you have not completed training, contact a PMF member to schedule a training session.

The Q-Exactive HF, Orbitrap Eclipse Tribrid, and timsTOF HT instruments are not available for user-operation at this time.  For projects on these instruments, please submit the Project Request Form instead.


– We ask all users to retrieve sample vials within 1 day after their reservation is complete.

– We recommend submitting requests for single-day reservations 2-3 days ahead of time to ensure schedule availability. For multi-day reservations, please request 1-2 weeks in advance.  Your requests should be submitted sooner than later for maximum flexibility.

– Weekend reservations are not available. For safety reasons, graduate and undergraduate students are not permitted to work in the lab unsupervised (e.g. after hours or when no PMF faculty are present).

To request a reservation, please fill out the form below: