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  • UConn PMF Upcoming Holiday Closure
    UConn PMF will be closed for the holidays from Friday, Dec 24th through Sunday, Jan 2.  No instruments will be available for user-operation during this time.  Instrument reservation requests for the week following the closure can be submitted at any time using the online form, but responses will be delayed and eventually granted on a […]
  • New Hands-On Proteomics Workshop to be Offered in Jan 2022!
    UConn PMF is excited to announce the second iteration of our hands-on proteomics workshop!  This 3-day course will include both lectures and hands-on experience with sample preparation, instrumentation, and software designed to educate UConn scientists in current methodologies and analysis options for quantitative proteomics using state-of-the-art mass spectrometry (MS).  The course will be held January […]
  • Important Updates about FY22 PMF Rates & Instrument Reservations
    FY22 Facility Rates now active: After an initial delay, our FY22 rates are now fully approved and are retroactively taking effect beginning Oct 1, 2021.  All new rates are posted HERE.  This is the first rate increase PMF has experienced since July 2019 (start of FY20) and represents updated reagent and instrument service costs over […]

Jeremy L. Balsbaugh, Ph.D., Facility Director

Phone: 860.486.3319
Address: Center for Open Research Resources & Equipment
75 N Eagleville Road, Unit 3149
Storrs, CT 06269
Lab: Pharmacy/Biology Bldg, Room 513 - NEW!
Office: Pharmacy/Biology Bldg, Room 531 - NEW!