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  • UConn PMF Limited Operation for the Holidays
    UConn PMF will be operating with limited hours during the period beginning Thursday, Dec 24th through Friday, Jan 1.  Instrument reservations can be made with enough lead time and are subject to PMF faculty work schedules.  Full facility operations will resume Monday, Jan 4.  Happy holidays to all!
  • Xevo G2-XS mass spectrometer is now available for use!
    As of today (December 10, 2020), we have fully integrated the Waters Xevo G2-XS q-TOF mass spectrometer and Acquity H-Class UPLC instruments into UConn PMF!  If you’re interested in receiving training on this instrument, contact the Facility Director with your availability.  Please be aware that training sessions may be modified or delayed due to current […]
  • Check out PMF Featured Publications!
    A new page “Featured Publications” has been added to our website to highlight important peer-reviewed research made possible by the instrumentation and expertise in UConn PMF.  This page will be updated regularly.  We are in the midst of compiling a comprehensive list of publications that include analytical experiments conducted in PMF.  If your publication(s) are […]

Jeremy L. Balsbaugh, Ph.D., Facility Director

Phone: 860.486.3319
Address: Center for Open Research Resources & Equipment
75 N Eagleville Road, Unit 3149
Storrs, CT 06269
Lab: Pharmacy/Biology Bldg, Room 513 - NEW!
Office: Pharmacy/Biology Bldg, Room 531 - NEW!