Welcome to PMF, Dr. Sonam Tamrakar!

I’m happy to announce that PMF has hired a new Research Assistant to expand our analytical offerings.  Sonam Tamrakar, Ph.D. has over 8 years of experience incorporating liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry for the identification and quantification of biologically relevant small molecules present in a wide range of organisms – including wild mushrooms from Nepal (Sonam’s home country)!  Sonam’s sample preparation experience for metabolite extraction and LCMS analysis from various types of tissues and biofluids will be extremely helpful as we begin to roll-out metabolomic analysis as a full service in the coming months.  We are very excited to welcome her to our team.  Her expertise and previous research experience will help substantially expand our metabolomics capabilities.  She will be integrated into small molecule projects and user training exercises moving forward.  Feel free to stop by PBB 511 and say “hi!”